2024 4th International Conference on Network Communication and Information Security (ICNCIS2024)
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Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Information system security and management

Computer network and communication

Mobile communication and wireless technology

Communication network and its management

Network engineering and security

Information security algorithms and protocols

5G mobile communication and computing communication intelligence

Intelligent communication/information security

Information hiding and detection 12) Deep learning algorithms

Image processing and signal processing

Distributed computing

Network protocol and congestion control

Digital communications

Satellite and space communications

Next Generation Networks and the Internet

Modeling quality of service, reliability and performance

Network privacy management

Emerging wireless/mobile applications

Communication software and services

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) and Wireless Personal Local Area Network communication Technology (WPAN)

Signal processing

Cloud computing

Image processing and video communication

Artificial intelligence and intelligent information processing

Network architecture and protocol

Communication technology and information processing

Multimedia communication framework

Routing and scheduling

Storage area network

Multimedia and real-time communications

Optical communication and networking

P2P communication and networking

Pervasive computing and grid networks

IPv6 deployment and migration

Communication privacy and anonymity

Information leakage/theft

Security breaches

Encrypt communications

Security and privacy in emerging technologies: VoIP, peer-to-peer, and overlay networking systems

Wired, Wireless, mobile, Hybrid, Sensor, Security and privacy in Ad Hoc Networks

Public key infrastructure, key management, credentials

Attack monitoring

Other related topics