2021 International Conference on Network Communication and Information Security (ICNCIS2021)
Assoc.Prof. Shalli Rani

Assoc.Prof. Shalli Rani

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Assoc.Prof. Shalli Rani

Chitkara Univeristy Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Speech title: Emerging Trends in IoT Applications


Exponential use of high number of devices for network communication has led to the rise of new communication technologies. Heterogeneity in these devices is the main reason of emerging technologies such as NDN, SDN, Quantum, Fog Computing etc.  Load balancing, caching, security and data management are the constraints in Internet of Things (IoT) which can be easily overcome by these technologies.  Real time applications in various fields of IoT are facing many challenges. Due to these challenges, researchers are working on fast pace in above areas. In the present talk, the light will be thrown on tools and technologies for researchers to facilitate the future research directions.   

Brief biography: 

Dr. Shalli Rani is Associate Professor in CSE with Chitkara University (Rajpura(Punjab)), India. She has 15+ years teaching experience. She received MCA degree from Maharishi Dyanand University, Rohtak in 2004 and the M.Tech. degree in Computer Science from Janardan Rai  Nagar Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur  in 2007 and Ph.D. degree in Computer Applications from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar in 2017. Her main area of interest and research are Wireless Sensor Networks, Underwater Sensor networks and Internet of Things. She has published/accepted/presented more than 40+ papers in international journals /conferences (SCI+Scopus) and edited/authored five books with international publishers. She is serving as the associate editor of IEEE Future Directions Letters. She is serving as a guest editor in IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics and Elsevier IoT Journals. She has also served as reviewer in many repudiated journals of IEEE, Springer, Elsevier, IET, Hindawi and Wiley. She has worked on Big Data, Underwater Acoustic Sensors and IoT to show the importance of WSN in IoT applications. She received a young scientist award in Feb. 2014 from Punjab Science Congress, Lifetime Achievement Award and Supervisor of the year award from Global Innovation and Excellence, 2021.